Our Service Plans

Vantage Point’s outsourced solutions save time and money by delivering highly professional human resources guidance for a low fixed monthly rate.


HR Essentials Plan

Our HR Essentials Plan enables your company to acquire the necessary tools to create a strong HR foundation.

Kit includes:

  • HR Assessment
  • Handbook
  • New Hire Packet
  • General Compliance – Labor Law Posters, Personnel Files, etc.
  • Pending Employee Relation Issues
  • One customized company specific HR need – (job descriptions, training, etc.)

HR Advantage Plan

Large corporations have teams of people dedicated to managing human resources. But small to mid-sized companies don’t always have the budget for an HR department. Even if you have a strong in-house team, they may struggle to manage day-to-day issues while staying on top of constantly changing employment laws and industry best practices.With our Advantage Plan, you get on-call senior level HR assistance at your fingertips, for a fraction of the cost.

Kit includes:

  • The HR Essentials Kit
  • Compliance
  • Employee relations
  • Training
  • Workplace management
  • And more!

What We Provide

  • Compliance

    Many companies are noncompliant without even realizing it, which can lead to lawsuits, fines and penalties. VantagePoint can help reduce your legal exposure and guide you into full compliance with all applicable regulations.

  • Workplace Management

    VantagePoint can help you minimize the cost of employing your workers without the need to hire additional employees, develop a new program or train staff to handle new responsibilities.

  • Employee Engagement

    VantagePoint’s HR Advantage program can help you increase productivity by hiring, managing and maintaining a motivated, professional team.

Unlock the hidden potential in your workforce.