Why Outsource HR?

Large corporations have teams of people managing important employee issues, but small to midsized companies don’t always have the budget for an HR department. How can you save money, increase productivity and reduce legal risks?

Personalized HR Guidance

Customized human resource support right at your fingertips, based on the individual needs of your business.

Increase productivity

Any successful growth strategy requires continual, measurable improvement in your company’s performance. VantagePoint’s HR Advantage program can help you increase productivity by hiring, managing and maintaining a motivated, professional team.

Save money

The costs of recruiting, training and managing employees rises every year. VantagePoint’s proven expertise in recruitment, risk management, compensation and HR administration can help you minimize the cost of employing your workers without the need to hire additional employees, develop a new program or train staff to handle new responsibilities.

Reduce legal risks and liabilities

Almost 50 federal laws govern your hiring practices, workplace conditions and employee interactions. Add state laws and local ordinances and you’ve got reams of constantly changing legislation to understand and comply with. Many companies are noncompliant without even realizing it, which can lead to lawsuits, fines and penalties. VantagePoint can help reduce your legal exposure and guide you into full compliance with all applicable regulations.